Writings by Christianna Cannon

Phantasmagoria - c. 1996. The nature of existence? History? Humanity? Everyone interprets this one differently. All I can really say it means is the feeling you get when you read it.

To the Fallen - c. 1997. An ode to failed empires, collapsed totalitarian governments, and alternative rhyme schemes.

The Dream - c. 1998. An actual dream I had. The words followed and I absolutely needed to write them down. Of course, my 10th grade English teacher thought I was on drugs and I got sent to the counselor... again.

Masters - c. 1998-99. Lyrics about rising up from metaphysical oppression, destroying one's captors, and giving in to the desire to euthanize the more pathetic individuals in your life.

Severance - c. 1998-99. Ever get what you want, and then find it terrifies you? Musings on such, and on death, and on experimental rhyme schemes.

Waiting - c. 1998-99. What is it you feel while watching the sun set? Do your yearnings seem more painful? Does life seem more delicious? Do you feel both at once, like I do? It's just that feeling I have no words for... but this is my attempt to put words to it.

The Sea - c. 1998-99. Toying with language and moods and dark imagery.

Gallows - c. 1999-2000. Don't judge others in haste; none of our hands are entirely clean. I wrote this in the span of a day and then got stuck for a year on the last verse. And it's been ages, and I do consider this finished, but I may feel another coming on...

Delusions For The Common Good - c. 2000. Frustration at those lacking in imagination, and thinking they know best for others. No one has the right to limit the world in the name of someone else's perceived helplessness.

A Poet's Law - c. 2000. Musings on my craft, in the form of a sonnet. This may have been for my junior year English class, but I don't remember whether it was an assignment or not.

Pretend - c. 2000-01. Musings on the darkness in my heart, and how I wish that, sometimes, my inner demons would just give me a break for a while...

I Am The Flood - c. 2000-01. Taking life at the cost of a piece of your own soul, and the inevitable horror and regret which follows.

Carnivore X - c. 2000-01. Bitter, insensitive, and unapologetic ode to survival of the fittest.

Days Of Affliction - c. 2003. Attempting to capture the feel of clinical depression and the general angst that has clung to me for most of my life.

Stagnant Pool - c. 2004. Expressing my rage at complacency in an admittedly vulgar manner.

This page is sparse compared to the Artwork page, with the simple reason that writing takes me a lot longer, and much of my work I don't consider ready for publication. I have yet to decide what I really want to put up here, but at the very least I can start out with some of my poetry. I have a great deal more, but I'm not sure as of yet what I actually want to put on this site.

Also: sometimes I curse a lot. This is a stylistic choice. Language is an instrument and there is a place for ugly notes; just look at how many songs make use of guitar feedback. It's the same.

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