Poetry by Christianna Cannon


Groundsky above and the thrice-damned stars—
And I stood by the dreadnought sea;
Wander on stone—metal shanks held by bone,
Ephemeral streetcars, we.

Lost inside minds of the names never-known
And I followed the brow of the sea.
Stations of tide, wearing moribund hide;
Thicker than ether and free.

I want to descend from my world of alone
And skim lowdown over the sea.
A world ne'er so vile, exists to defile;
Forget not the rank treachery.

Waking a dream deep of one and destruction
And I knelt and I wept by the sea.
Dead men accuse—beastmasters abuse—
Shuddered by cold symmetry.

Water of legendry, black breath of Cronos—
And cowered there, stalked by the sea.
To burn like a flame and extinguished from blame
Only goes compulsory.

Fleshwounded forest glades riven by doors;
And I yearned, gone to ground by the sea.
Summon seraphs bearing blood-filled carafes
Trademarked by dark coventry.

circa 1998-99.

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