Stormhowl, August 1996

Although drawn first, I originally intended Stormhowl to be later in the series, however now I have opted to place them chronologically (to the best of my memory). I was just beginning to learn musculature. I like his colors, but I didn't accomplish much texture-wise. In a lot of ways, though, he's still cool. I like the way I showed a wing on one side and hid the other wing with his tail rudder, a different kind of "fin," for variety. I also like his weird eye. I think if I were to redraw him today, I would only change him a little, just to get accuracy in his muscles. There's a lot of freedom in this drawing that I would hate to lose, like the way his tail is going all over the place.

Someone tried to steal this when I was in middle school. The same kid who made fun of me every day on the bus. Bwahaha. Sometimes, they really ARE jealous.

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