Astronomy Picture of the Day - A new picture every day of stars, nebulae, or other cosmic features or phenomena, accompanied by explanations from professional astronomers. Every image is beautiful, and some are simply astounding, and you can usually click on them to see a larger version. If you want a daily fix of the amazing and nearly unknowable, this is where to get it.

Donna McVicar Kazo's Online Gallery - My mother is also an artist, and it's because of growing up with her amazing work all around me that I became an artist myself. Take a look, and enjoy her gallery. I designed her web site.

Green Gator Web Hosting and Design - My web host. Green Gator provides reliable servers run by sustainable, wind-powered energy, for a low, affordable price. Don't be fooled by the rough look, it's still a new site.

Jamie Cannon - Jamie is my sister, and an amazing writer as well as a video game designer. This is her site.

The Pet Planet Magazine - A wonderful and informative magazine about pets, published by people who really love animals. You can read each issue online for free.

Quisqualis - Information about plants and tropical fruit; an educational site with a nice shop showcasing the treasures of the tropical world.

Wildlife Research Team - WRT is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of Florida's natural wildlife habitat. I have been working with them since I was 9 years old. I have also been their webmaster for 8 years.

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