Jararaca, the Mad King

Jararaca, the Mad King


Jararaca, 2005

Warrior king of his flatland tribe, Jararaca continually forces war with Stophyx for control of the marshes. He is famous for wading alone into battle wielding his flanged mace and spiked knuckleguard, and has a reputation as a terrifying, invincible berserker. He has two sons, Kuma and Gutatta, who he plays off one another and mostly ignores.

His tribe dresses very simply, and Jararaca's only ornamentation of kingship is the golden pin on the waistband of his kilt, and his mane of white feathers, which only the king is permitted to grow out.

His face was inspired by the jararaca snake. While the snake's name is pronounced with the J as an H, Jararaca the dragon pronounces the J as a J.

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