A Note About the Forum

Read this or you may not be able to register:

You will have to register to use the forum, and then activate your registration through an email the forum will send to you. I tried allowing guest posts and registration without activations, but all that did was fill my forum with hundreds of bot-created accounts dedicated to posting ads and spam. Believe me, it's much better having to register and activate your account, and it will still only take a minute or two before you can make your post.

VERY IMPORTANT: YOU NEED THIS CODE TO JOIN: You'll have to answer an Authentication Question to register. The current question is "what is Draig's last name?" The answer is "Maughrim." This is to stop spammers, and has been 100% successful so far since spammers only search for forums, they don't browse the attached web pages. The picture below shows the place you can expect to see the Authentication Question.

Authentication Code Sample

If you do not receive your activation email, check your spam/junk mail folder. The email will be sent from a monster-dungeon.com email address. It is a good idea to add monster-dungeon.com to your list of "safe" addresses, as you can set your forum preferences to notify you by email of new posts or private messages.


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