On Facebook

There are two different ways to find me on Facebook. I have a personal profile which is here. If you're going to add me, send me a message letting me know who you are. Also be aware that this is my personal account, so I'm not professional on it at all. I use it for keeping in touch with friends and for playing a couple of games, and I treat it very informally. Basically, only add me if you're interested in being Facebook friends with a geeky person who posts song lyrics and occasionally curses a blue streak. If you want to show your support for CHRISTIANNA CANNON THE ARTIST then see below instead.

If you'd like to "Like" me (groan...) then visit my professional page here. Normally you'd be able to "Like" directly from this page, but Facebook seems to be somewhat broken right now and refuses to generate me a box. My professional page is a bit empty at the moment but take a look anyway; as time passes, I'll be adding more to it, and my work is always open to discussion. If you like my work, "Like" me on Facebook; chances are this will make me very happy!

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