Dragons and Other Mythological Creatures

Dragons and other mythological creatures, spanning many years. There's just no way I can put these into chronological order, considering that I have tons of other stuff that I need to add to this category and it would be a huge undertaking to keep it straight, but at least most of them have dates or I have a general idea of when I originally drew them. Maybe once everything is finally on here, I'll be able to move them around with the confidence that I won't have to do it all again as soon as I find something new to scan. This gallery is going to grow a lot. I can't say how quickly, but it will grow.

I've been asked many, many times about my obsession with dragons. The shortest answer for why I love them would have to be that they can be drawn with full artistic license: meaning, they can look however the artist wants them to look. There's room for limitless creativity.

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