Handaxe Dragon

Handaxe Dragon


Handaxe Dragon, Fall 2004

Another straight-up ball-point pen drawing with no pencil sketch, mostly done out of boredom during my time at TCC. I realized my class binders had plastic covers which allowed you to slip a piece of paper in there to be displayed on the front, so the obvious course of action was to take a few pieces of printer paper and a pen, and go at it.

This guy ended up adorning my math binder, and my history binder got Demon Sword. The lack of planning shows a bit in these. His axe is really lame, for example, and he's wearing a black band around his left upper arm because I messed up and had to cover it (what do you know, though, it looks fine). The rest of the picture holds it own, though. For one thing, that is the best pants-bulge I've ever drawn.

This picture was also stolen once, placed uncredited on someone's web site. Oh dear.

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