Demon Sword

Demon Sword


Demon Sword, Fall 2004

A gross, demon-looking guy holding a flaming sword. This is another straight-up ball-point pen drawing with no pencil sketch, mostly done out of boredom during my time at TCC. I realized my class binders had plastic covers which allowed you to slip a piece of paper in there to be displayed on the front, so the obvious course of action was to take a few pieces of printer paper and a pen, and go at it.

I used this picture on my history binder, and the previous one (Handaxe Dragon) on my math binder. The lack of planning does show a bit; I mean for one, his thighs are both really wonky. There's a lot that I like about this picture, though: the braids in his hair, his crazy bat ears (with earring!) the textures, and whatever the hell that weird cross/altar/skull-hangy thing is behind him.

I imagine the fire on the sword to be green, by the way. I might have been thinking of the sword Quietus, from Hexen.

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