Poetry by Christianna Cannon


Humankind has built a dam
To count the fish and stem the tide.
We fly in wingéd torpedoes
So the ocean doesn't seem as wide.

Humankind has built a torch
Of veins through which electric runs
We stand and tremble in the dark
And lurk behind these bottled suns.

Humankind has built a watch
So the night seems not so long;
Contrariwise, our hypocrites
Who scorn the rhyme within the song.

Humankind has built a gun
So wild beasts become less fierce.
We have erected a shield of fear
Through which our own God cannot pierce.

Humankind has built a house
To keep our ignorance at bay
We've redefined our world by math
To stifle mortals' need to pray.

Humankind has built a ship
And laughs at the dark, sounding sea.
We bind ourselves in social chains
And die believing we are free.

Humankind has built a veil
To make our world stagnant and kind
Left madmen and poets to interpret
And struck the rest of the species blind.

Thus, by our misguided sense
That existence must be what it seems,
Humankind has built a wall
Named Logic, to confound our dreams.

circa 2000.

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