Contact Me

If you would like to get in touch with me, there are several ways to do so. Please note that if you're interested in commissioning me for work, the best way to initially contact me is through email.


My email address is cavanoskus at gmail dot com. Don't send me spam. This is the only email address I regularly check, and I don't want it to overflow with spam like all my previous ones.


If you have AOL Instant Messenger you can reach me at the username Cavanoskus. I also have Yahoo IM, but I almost never use it.

Message Board:

The forum is a good place to find me, as it serves as not only a message board for updates, conversation, and just general hell-raising, but also a place to discuss my work. Remember, if you see Cavanoskus, that's me.


I have a LiveJournal which can be found here. It isn't strictly professional, but I do post art/writing-related stuff there.

Other Galleries:

I'm on DeviantArt and FictionPress as Cavanoskus. There are probably some things there that aren't here on my site; especially DeviantArt sometimes gets my unfinished sketches and the like, and FictionPress has more poetry. Also, you can conveniently add comments on my work. My DeviantArt profile is here and my FictionPress profile is here.

Social Networking:

I'm on MySpace at, but I hardly ever use it. I'm more likely to be on Facebook. My personal profile is here, but you would probably prefer my professional page (where you can "Like" me) at this link.


Just kidding.

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