Cavanoskus Aethertaangoth Portrait

Cavanoskus Aethertaangoth Portrait


Cavanoskus Aethertaangoth Portrait, June 30th, 2001

When I was 16 or so, I joined some roleplaying message boards focused on dragons. This was more or less freeform roleplaying (basically cooperative, improvisational story writing) and to participate, I created Cavanoskus. She is a black dragon hailing from the land of Gavengaard (invented for her backstory), a kind of warrior-poet historian chronicling her adventures in the strange lands she traveled during her exile. She is a fairly good fighter, although much of the time her battles involved getting the stuffing beaten out of her for plot advancement, and has various magical powers including teleportation and control of lightning. She has red spikes and highlights, and glowing yellow eyes, the brightness of which is dependent on her relative state of health.

As the dragon roleplaying was really my first experience on the internet, when I signed up for AIM I used the name Cavanoskus and continued to use it everywhere, to make it easier for the friends I made roleplaying to find me. Now, it's pretty much my default username on the internet. I wouldn't go so far as to call it an alias, but now you know its origin.

This drawing was done in a few hours with straight ball-point pen, no preliminary pencil sketch or anything. I was surprised at how well it turned out. Notice the date, June 2001: I was past 16 by this point, in my freshman year at college. I did continue the dragon roleplaying for quite a few years, but the core group eventually fell apart as we all grew up. But Cavanoskus lives on.

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