Welcome to the Den of Fiends

Draig Maughrim, pouncing


I found another dragon that I mysteriously left out of the 1996-97 series, Drevolan. Now he's up. I really have no explanation why I forgot him, considering he was in the same folder as the others. Heh.

Considering this site has been online for something like 12 years and has only undergone various revisions and never a complete redesign, I figured it was time to bring it into 2010. My designing and coding skills are vastly improved since then, and the site's old design wasn't doing them justice. In fact, the site STILL isn't doing them justice. But redoing the whole thing is going to take a while and improvements are going to be gradual yet inevitable.

I finished the Chainmail Keychains page, woohoo.

THE SHOP IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. If you go there now, you will see a nice page with nothing on it. If you absolutely have to buy something before anything is up (a particular piece of artwork on a shirt, a chainmail bracelet, etc) just email me about it. Cavanoskus at gmail dot com, and put something descriptive in the subject header like "I want a Bloodrender t-shirt" or whatever.

Navigation is on the left. You'll find a bit of everything I do. Descriptions are on the bottom, when needed. Also, I require feedback about the text, because suddenly Verdana has become automatically thicker on my screen, and it no longer looks to me as nice as it once did. Font suggestions are welcome; I'm trying to break the eye-stabbing headache-inducing pattern my site's text design has always followed.

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